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Tanzania is a dream destination for travelers with various interests. Not only for its national parks, but also travelers can discover various elements, such as: exploring idyllic beaches, game viewing in safari destinations, Kilimanjaro trekking, and more.

A holiday trip with Naserian Safaris to many Tanzanian destinations will unlock some of the romantic moments, as well as adventurous ones. The country’s iconic reserved areas are sealed with some of the most furious and rarest animals. Tanzania offers many unbelievable spots to explore that will leave you speechless due to its beauty.

The country has real hidden surprises in its natural wonder sealed national parks. Out of the 4 circuits of Tanzania, Northern Circuits offer Africa’s best-untamed wilderness experience.

Discover the top-rated national parks with us that includes:

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park can be reached by means of an easy 60-minute drive north west from Moshi. Despite the closeness of this National Park to Arusha, this destination is probably one of the least visited, making it a wonderful and rewarding off-the beaten-path excursion.
Covering 137 sq km, the Arusha National Park has three major attractions which can all be visited in the course of a day outing.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is probably the mostly visited of the northern Tanzanian game parks, and retains a real air of undiscovered Africa, particular in the south of the park. Much of the park is grassland together with swamp lands and flood plains, which feed the Tarangire River. Large baobab trees, particularly in the northern section of the park, stand dotted across the landscape dominating the scenery. Many of the trees are hundreds of years old, some reaching thousands of years! Elsewhere there is acacia woodland, open bush and groves of palm trees. The wildlife in the area is astounding, housing more than 560 species in the park.

Lake Manyara

Covering about 330km², of which about two-thirds is underwater, Lake Manyara National Park is small by African standards. Despite this, it is also very beautiful and contains a tremendous diversity of habitats and wildlife. Set beneath the spectacular backdrop of the Great Rift Valley’s steep western escarpment, this long, narrow park protects an area between the escarpment and Lake Manyara.

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers 8292sq km and encompasses the volcanic area around the Ngorongoro crater including the still active Oldonyo Lengai, and the famous Olduvai Gorge which houses the oldest known human remains. The Ngorongoro conservation area is quite simply the most spectacular tourist destination in Africa, unequaled in its magnificence, its wild life, and its atmosphere. Added to the beautiful scenery, the archaeological wealth and the wildlife, is a proud people: the Massai, a pastoral tribe.

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